Possible Electrical Emergencies in The Home

Electricity has become a necessary power source that fuels our homes. It is difficult to imagine how we would function without kitchen appliances, home entertainment systems, lights, and other electrical devices.

However, the use of electricity in the home doesn't come without a level of risk. Electrical emergencies can happen as a result of faulty wiring, a poorly maintained appliance, or bad weather. Regardless of the cause, an after-hours electrician can come in handy when you experience such emergencies. Here are some possible types of electrical emergencies that can occur in the home.

Electrical fires

An electrical fire is exactly what the name suggests; a fire that arises as a result of a fault in the home's electrical system. It could be that an appliance caused a short circuit and ignited a flame, or a loose power chord came in contact with water and caught fire.

Any of these events can cause a fire in the home that can spread quite rapidly. If an electrical fire occurs unexpectedly in the home, the first thing you should do is try to contain the fire. You can do this by cutting the power and using a fire extinguisher to limit the spread of flames. Once the fire is contained, call an after hours electrician immediately.


It is also likely that you may experience an electrical shock from home appliances. Chords that overheat, are not properly insulated, or come in contact with water may cause an electrical shock when touched with bare hands.

If you notice an appliance that is transmitting an electrical shock, turn the power off from the socket without touching the appliance itself. Next, contact an after-hours electrician to examine the appliance in a safe manner. An experienced electrician will fix the appliance without exposing your home to electrical risks.

Power outages

Power outages are a common electrical risk in the home. They can occur due to bad weather or a fault in the main grid that supplies power to your home. In some cases, a power outage can also occur when a breaker in your home is tripped as a result of a power surge.

Whatever the reason, you should first turn off any appliances and devices that were on before the power went off. Next, identify what could have caused the outage. An after-hours electrician is always available on short notice to inspect your power supply and attempt to restore power to your home.

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