Microwave Oven: Prolonging the Service Life of Your Electrical Appliance

The microwave is used heavily in most homes for processes such as heating up leftover food, making hot beverages and warming up frozen packaged meals. In simple terms, this electrical appliance is an important and essential cornerstone in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most people do not perform any maintenance on the microwave oven. As long as the appliance works, homeowners will not pay it much attention. This negligence often accelerates the rate of wear and reduces the heating efficiency. In addition, the lack of care can interfere with the quality of food. Here are some practical tips to help you extend the service life of your microwave oven.

Clean the Microwave

You should clean the microwave on a regular basis for better performance and prolonged service. These appliances are not cleaned often because most people assume that the interior space does not come into direct contact with food. This is not the case. The interior walls are often covered by grime, oils and splashed fluids. These should be wiped off frequently to prevent the accumulation of a layer of old foods. If you have not washed your microwave for a long time, you might find it difficult to wipe the grime. For the best results, you should heat a cup of water and allow the steam to soften the dirt for quicker cleaning.

Care for the Door

The microwave door experiences considerable stress due to heavy usage. Simply speaking, when you decide to heat your food, you will need to open the door, place the foodstuff, close the access, heat the food, open and finally, close the microwave after removing your heated meal or beverage. If you use the microwave a couple of times a day, the door will have to go through numerous cycles. Therefore, you should treat this element with care. You should never slam the microwave door. Also, you should avoid opening the door at the middle of the heating cycle. Additionally, you should handle the opening latch with care.

Check the Containers

Finally, you should check every item before choosing to use it for microwave heating. Often, these household appliances sustain damage because of the containers used to heat the foods. Ideally, you should ensure that the containers can fit comfortably into the oven space. In addition, check and make sure that the container is microwave-safe.

Your microwave oven can fail unexpectedly or show signs of malfunctions even with proper care. If it does fail, you should engage a professional experienced in electrical appliance repair.

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