Why you should try zone cabling in your business premises

Since the introduction of fibre optic cables for data transfer, they gained a level of popularity which has made everyone forget about copper cables. Fibre cables are preferred because they can reach longer distances while at the same time maintaining their high speeds.  Their immunity to electromagnetic radiation also makes them very efficient in data transfer. Most commercial buildings have long since adopted the data transfer system, but not all of them enjoy the maximum benefits of fibre. Zone cabling is one of the best ways to get the benefit of data cables without interfering with the rest of the plan and configuration of the workspace.

How zone cabling works

The scattered IDFs design strategy is used when doing this kind of data cabling. When doing the installation, you leave, specific platforms in the areas where they were originally designated. The cables are therefore not connected to a central IDF. As a result, the cabling is decentralised, and in case changes need to be made to one platform, you will not interfere with the entire data centre.

Efficiency in cabling

Fibre optics works very well with the zone cabling concept. It is possible to use a multifiber cable to connect several desktop computers to a backbone cable. The simple backbone cable will then be connected to the main data centre. Currently, there are pre-terminated cables which you can use for zone cabling. They are designed in such a way that the cables are terminated in the factory, and the connectors fitted with a protective boot. You just need pull a cable, secure it and remove the boot. The cable is then connected to the MUTOA, and the system is ready to use.

Clutter reduction

When you choose cabling hardware at the beginning of the cabling process, and you know the basic house layout, zone cabling is very easy. It helps you reduce the clutter created by multiple, bulky wires running around the office. The concept is also economical because fewer cables and other resources are used in the installation of the cables.

Zone cabling is an easy and efficient way of creating data connections at the workplace or other premises while cutting down on cost. When installing the system, ensure you have an expert assisting you, which will help you avoid wasting time and materials that you could have otherwise used for the process. Experts will also recommend the best materials for the job and do the right tests to ensure that the systems work correctly.

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