Lighting Options You Can Consider for Your Vaulted Ceiling

One of the most sought-after architectural designs by homeowners is high ceilings. However, having vaulted ceilings can pose challenges when it comes to lighting, as you would have to take into account the distance between the living space and the lighting fixtures themselves. Moreover, some types of lighting may actually affect the aesthetics of the high ceilings if they do not complement the vaulted appearance. This article highlights some of the lighting options that you can consider from an electrical contractor if you have a vaulted ceiling in your new home build.

Recessed lighting

A popular option that lighting engineers will gravitate toward for high ceiling is recessed fixtures. The main reason for this is that the recessed fixtures will create a contemporary aesthetic in the space without cluttering the ceiling.

If should be noted that when making a selection of recessed fixtures, consider opting for fixtures that are adjustable. This makes it easier for you to direct the lighting to the position that you would like rather than having to settle for a directly downward source of light.

Another thing to note would be to check beforehand whether there is adequate space above your ceiling for the installation of the recessed fixtures.

Pendant lighting

If recessed lighting is too conservative for your design taste, then you may want to consider pendant lighting fixture. Pendant fixtures are especially popular since they provide you with the option of hanging your lights at different lengths. This way, you can have your lighting hang as low or as high as you would like, depending on the primary use of the space.

In addition to this, pendant fixtures will typically come in an assortment of designs and materials, which ensures you will always find a solution that would suit your interior décor choices. For instance, in the living room, you could opt for pendant fixtures made from crystal to create a chandelier appearance.

Track lighting

This type of lighting tends to be one of the more common solutions in many properties. As the name suggests, the lighting comprises of a track that has various bulbs installed on it. This track can be mounted on the sloped areas of your vaulted ceiling to complement the main lighting in the room.

Track lighting is also ideal if you would like to install task lighting in various areas of the room that are not well illuminated by the primary lighting fixtures, such as along stairways. Talk to a contractor about the intricacies of new home electrical work.

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