5 Signs That Your House Needs Rewiring

Wear and tear are typical for an old house. The structure ages, and so does the electrical wiring. When the wiring is compromised, it puts you and your family at the risk of electrically triggered fires. To avoid any of these accidents, you need to ensure that your house's wiring is in good condition. Here are signs that indicate that your home needs electrical rewiring.

Tripping Circuit Breakers 

Your home's circuit breaker trips when the electrical system is overloaded. When the wiring gets worn out or damaged, it loses the capacity to handle a lot of power which causes the circuit to trip.  To enjoy your regular electrical supply, you will need to have the wiring fixed. 

When You Experience Electrical Shocks

If either you or your family members get electrocuted when handling an electrical appliance, it is a sign that your home's electrical system has a problem. An electrical shock has severe consequences such as burns, numbness, and even muscle contractions. Among the major causes of electrical shocks are defects in the wiring of the house. Therefore, if you get electrocuted, make sure to contact an electrician to inspect the wiring of your home.

When Your Lights Flicker Constantly 

If your lights keep flickering, it is a sign that the house's electrical system has a defect. In most cases, this defect is in the electrical wiring. However, there may be other causes of this flicker. Therefore, it would be best to get an electrician to inspect the entire system to identify and fix the fault. 

When You Have Had Your Home for More Than 10 Years

If you have had your home for more than ten years, you should have it rewired. Over time the wiring of your home wears out, and it may cause electrical accidents. Subsequently, it is prudent to hire an electrician to inspect the state of your home's wiring. If it does not have extensive damage, then they can repair the damaged areas.

Problems with Your Electrical Outlets 

One of the signs of faulty electrical wiring is the discolouration of the switches and other electrical outlets. Stains are a sign of burning, and if left unaddressed, they can cause electrical fires. When you notice that your electrical outlets have changed colour, have an electrician diagnose and fix the problem. 

 As seen, when the electrical wiring has a problem, it can cause a lot of defects in the electrical system. So, if you notice any of the discussed signs, hire an electrician to diagnose the problem and rewire the home if need be.

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