3 Incredible Benefits of Copper Wiring

A major upside with copper electrical wires is that they are safe, which makes them a reliable option for many homes. Furthermore, copper wires are of excellent quality and are quite affordable. 

If you plan to upgrade your home's wiring, check out more reasons why you should consider copper wiring for your project. 

Safe and Corrosion Resistant

Electrical wires are often the major culprits for residential fires. Copper wires have a high melting point, which makes them safe to work with. In the event of power surges and overloads, copper wires won't melt, as they can withstand very high temperatures. So the chances of electrical fires in your home are quite low. 

Furthermore, copper wires don't easily rust when exposed to humidity, vapours and other wet conditions. Over time, copper oxidizes and forms a green patina that protects your wires from further corrosion. This feature adds to the copper wire's durability.

Flexible and Good Conductors

Copper wires bend and flex easily, which is good for electrical wiring. As you install new wiring in your house, you may need to bend and twist the wires to pass them through floors, ceilings or walls and other constricted areas. You can manipulate copper wires since they won't break, crack or lose their toughness. Additionally, copper wires are versatile and can be fabricated into thick or thin wires.

Copper is a great conductor of electricity. In fact, copper's conductivity is a lot higher than other popular metals (except silver). As a result, copper wires deliver more power than other wires in the market. 

Recyclable Compatible with Other Metals

Copper easily works with other metals. And with copper wiring in your house, you won't have incompatibility issues with other electrical equipment and appliances with copper components or construction. If a copper wire comes into contact with another type of wire along the electrical system, galvanic corrosion occurs. So install copper wires from the get-go to avoid issues down the road.

Furthermore, copper is highly recyclable, which is good if you are an eco-conscious homeowner. In fact, all products with copper construction can be re-melted and reshaped into other products. So, upgrade your home wiring and use copper wires to contribute to a better planet. Instead of dumping the wires in the landfill, you can take unused wires to an e-waste recycling facility. 

Now you know why you should upgrade your home wiring system with copper electrical wires.

Contact an electrician to learn more. 

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