Common Hot Water Problems in The Home

Hot water in the home is an absolute necessity, especially during cold weather. However, our hot water systems are not fail-proof. It is not uncommon to experience a leaking tank, failure of hot water coming out of the faucets, or hot water running out too fast.

 If you experience any of these issues, a hot water service can fix the problem and restore hot water to your premises. It helps to know what is likely to go wrong with your hot water supply and what is the potential cause so that the plumber's work will proceed faster when they arrive to fix the problem.

No hot water

In some cases, your water heater will fail to produce any hot water at all. Depending on the type of water heater you have (gas or electric), the problem could be with the burner of the heater itself or in the electrical framework that powers the heating mechanism.

It requires an in-depth understanding of how water heaters work to diagnose a heater that doesn't warm water at all. And because you would want to restore your hot water supply as soon as possible, the wise thing to do is to contact a hot water service to carry out the necessary repairs to the heating system.

Leaking hot water tank

It is not uncommon for a hot water tank to leak and result in an inadequate supply of hot water in the home. A leaking tank can be detected by pools of water under the reservoir, low pressure from the faucets or a spike in your water bill.

Make sure a hot water service inspects your tank for any leaks and carries out the necessary repairs.

Hot water running out

If you frequently experience hot water running out in your home, it could be that your consumption has increased or you have an undersized heater. Some modifications to the home plumbing system can also exert added pressure to the heater.

For example, a larger showerhead or a new washing machine can use more hot water and cause the supply to run low for other functions in the home. It is best to call a hot water service to inspect the current capacity of your tank. You may need to have a larger tank installed or to switch to a tankless hot water supply. Either of these solutions will prevent hot water from running out.

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