4 Reasons Industrial Facilities Can Benefit from Underground Powerlines

One thing every industrial facility requires is power. For new buildings, that can mean needing to have powerlines installed. The major decision you'll need to make is whether to opt for overhead or underground power lines. Both options have their own benefits, but underground powerlines can be particularly advantageous for providing electricity to industrial facilities.

Here are just four reasons to consider underground power installation services. 

1. Reliable Signal Quality

The reliability of powerlines is always going to be a key concern, but it's particularly important when considering industrial areas since any disruption of power or even voltage drops can result in significant downtime. Underground powerlines make sense because they are less vulnerable to interference than overhead lines. Anything from atmospheric conditions to tree branches contacting lines can interfere with the delivery of power when you opt for overhead lines. Since underground powerlines are far more reliable, they make more sense for industrial buildings.

2. Protected From Damage

It isn't just electrical interference you need to worry about when you opt for overhead power lines. They are also vulnerable to damage from a wide range of other threats. Wildlife can sometimes cause damage to lines and supports, as can falling branches. Human activities can also be a threat, with anything from automobile accidents to deliberate vandalism being a problem. Most of all, you'll need to consider the potential impact of adverse weather conditions. Since underground lines are protected from such threats, they are far less likely to be damaged.

3. Out of the Way

In residential neighbourhoods, overhead powerlines can be laid out easily enough thanks to the relatively uniform layout of such areas. However, industrial facilities can be harder to fit overhead lines around since support poles may block certain tight areas from traffic and larger buildings may block the natural path of overhead wires. This clearly won't be such a concern with underground power lines. As an added plus, having poles and wires out of sight will also look better, which can help improve how any locals view your property.

4. Improved Safety

A downed powerline isn't just going to interrupt the delivery of power — it can also form a serious safety hazard, and it's one for which you're almost certainly going to bear responsibility. As such, it's wise to opt for the safest option available. While overhead lines can be downed and present a risk of electrocution, underground lines are always going to be safely concealed below the ground.

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