In Search of Commercial Electricians? Here Are 3 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire!

Finding the right electricians for your company can be a bit of a challenge. After all, every moment that you've got electrical issues can mean a moment lost from doing business and generating revenue. It's important that you find someone well suited for the job -- and someone who can get the job done straight away if possible. Here are three questions you should ask your commercial electricians before you hire them for the job. 

Are the Licenses in Order?

It's important that you look into any potential electrician's licenses before trusting them to work on your business property. Qualified and licensed commercial electricians will be registered with the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council local to your area. If your potential commercial electrician isn't verified as being licensed by the council, it's best to avoid working with them. When an electrician carries the appropriate licenses, you'll undoubtedly feel more confident and secure about trusting your business to them. 

Can They Provide References?

A skilled and qualified electrician should be able to provide references -- and it's helpful to get references from other commercial clients rather than residential clients. Contact at least a couple of the references provided by the commercial electrician, and ask these references a few questions. Questions to ask include:

  • Were you pleased with the job the commercial electrician did?
  • Was the job completed in a timely manner?
  • Were there any unexpected costs that came as a surprise during the electrical job?

If you work closely with other local businesses, you can also ask a few of them about electrician references. The more references that you have, the better off your business will be when it comes to choosing a new commercial electrician.

What Type of Timeline is Expected?

When it comes to business, time is money -- and you undoubtedly want to minimise business downtime as much as possible. Many commercial electrical repairs require the building to be empty for safety reasons, but this means your business may come to a virtual standstill whilst the job's being done. Ask your potential commercial electrician about a timeline. When do they project that the job will be completed? If there are any unexpected problems whilst doing the electrical work, how long might those problems delay the job completion? A good commercial electrician will be honest about the expected timeline, and won't make promises that they can't keep. 

Need a commercial electrician straight away? It may just take the three simple questions above to help you find the right electricians for the job!

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