4 considerations when buying equipment for your mine

Australia's mines rely on electricity to keep them powered and keep daily operations running smoothly. Mining, and associated industries, are a huge contributor to Australia's economy, and it is paramount that the mines, and indeed the miners, have the kit they need to get the job done over and over again, day in day out all through the year. Electricity flows through every single aspect of a mine, so it is important that those charged with buying mining equipment know what they need, get the best deal, and know how to keep it working in top condition. 

Electricians who work on your site will be able to help guide the buying process, as they are tasked with the mine's day-to-day running, from lighting within the mine shafts to drilling and shaft boring equipment, and understand the impact that new equipment will have on the site's electrical system. Much like any other business decision, there are certain considerations you should base your decisions off of when choosing the correct mining equipment; here are four of them.

System Unity

The entire mine should operate as one, with one system and one strategy running from the accommodation blocks all the way through to the tunnels. Whatever equipment you buy should fit into this system, whether you are buying drills or installing new generators. Representatives from all teams across the business should be brought in to contribute to the decision making process, meaning the end result works well for everyone and all the teams' needs are met.


Although mining will always involve some degree of risk, and some of it just can't be avoided, it is vital that every piece of equipment has been thoroughly analysed from a security perspective, particularly as electrical fires are so dangerous in small, isolated spaces. Every machine should have a regular annual safety inspection and test to ensure it is running perfectly. 


As part of the wider safety remit, each machine should be bought with a plan in mind for its ongoing maintenance. It is likely that the plant you buy the machinery from will have regular servicing plans available, which can often prove to be a great investment in the longer term.

Rent or buy

Mining equipment is costly, especially if you are liable for the ongoing maintenance costs as well. Many people will look to lease equipment for their project, allowing them more flexibility should their plans or requirements change. However, if you are just at the beginning of a project and you anticipate that the lifespan will be several years as a minimum, you may find it more cost effective to buy equipment instead.

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