3 Tips to Maximise the Efficiency of Solar Panels During the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels produce energy during the winter. The only drawback is that the energy output generated is lower as compared to other months of the year. This is because there are fewer hours of sunlight during the winter, and this means that very little of it hits the solar panels. However, even with these challenges, you can still generate a decent amount of power for your home. This article will teach you a few tips that will help increase the efficiency of the panels and help you maximise the generated energy.

Remove snow from the panels

Snow may cover your solar panels during the winter, and this will prevent the solar rays from coming into contact with them. If the snow accumulated on the roof, you will end up generating little or no solar energy throughout the season. Most professional solar installers ensure that they position the panels in such a way that snow and debris cannot build up on the smooth surface. However, it is good to check on them regularly. Remove any snow that may have accumulated on the surface.

Invest in energy-saving bulbs

One of the ways of maximising the efficiency of your solar system during the winter is lowering your electrical consumption. An affordable way to do this is by replacing traditional bulbs with energy-saving ones that consume less electricity. This applies to both the lights inside the house and those used for security lighting. You can save a lot of energy and utilise solar power in many areas of your home just by ensuring that the lighting fixtures don't use up too much power. Also, switch off lights when they are not in use to save energy.

Check on inefficient appliances

Some electrical appliances may be drawing too much electrical power due to energy inefficiencies in the system. For example, if you use a tanked water heater, you should perform a full flush before the winter season to increase its efficiency. Flushing gets rid of sediment that builds up around the heating component and causes the heater to consume a lot of energy. If you use solar energy to heat water in the home, such a heater will deplete the power pretty fast. So check on this and other appliances that could contribute to energy wastage in the house.

Proper maintenance of your solar panels and electrical appliances is vital to enjoying solar power during the winter. Contact an electrician for electrical tune-ups and maintenance of your equipment in readiness for the season.

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