Two Tips To Follow When Choosing and Having Your New Pub's Commercial Lighting Fitted

If you're setting up a pub and need to order and have some commercial lighting fitted in it, here are some tips to follow.

Consult an electrician who has experience with commercial electrical lighting work

Before spending your money on any specific commercial lighting, you might want to consult an electrician who has experience with doing commercial electrical lighting work, as their input could allow you to choose lighting that's more appropriate for your pub and that is likely to stay in good condition in this setting.

For example, if you want to install sconces to add a cosy feel to the pub, your electrician might recommend you install outdoor ones that are waterproof and shatterproof. The reason for this is that in a pub, customers often knock over drinks and may occasionally get rowdy. As such, if you install standard indoor sconces that are not waterproof or shatterproof, they might break as a result of getting soaked in splattered drinks or shattered by boisterous customers.

Additionally, they may advise you to fit dimmer switches so that you can adjust the brightness of your pub lights and in doing so, change the ambience whenever you want. For example, on weekday evenings when your customers just want to have a quiet drink in a cosy spot, you might want to dim the lights to enhance the pub's calming, cosy atmosphere whilst on weekends when customers come to your pub to watch exciting football matches, you might want to make the lights brighter to complement the lively ambience.

Ensure the lighting around the bar is functional

Whilst the right commercial lighting will do wonders for your pub's aesthetics and ambience, it's very important to utilise practical forms of lighting too, particularly near your bar, where your staff will be preparing drink orders and using the till.

For example, in this area, string lights and dim sconce lights might not be bright enough to enable your staff to read the text and numbers on the till's screen or to pour alcohol into glasses without spilling some liquid on the bar. In this area, it might be best to ask an electrician to install the electrical connections for two or three linear, high-wattage lightbulbs that will spread light across the entire bar area and brighten it up to the point where it's easy for your pub staff to navigate. This will not only make their work shifts more pleasant for them but will also stop them from making errors when using the till and from accidentally wasting drinks by spilling them.

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